We prefer our turkey boiled!

As Thanksgiving approaches, and visions of mouthwatering delights are viscerally swimming through our consciousness, we pause to reflect on the many fortunes for which we are thankful!

We are thankful that we received federal approval today from the Department of the Treasury’s TTB to brew and sell beer in the United States. We are also thankful that it only took 195 days to garner said approval. Did I mention 195 days? To say that we’ve been sweatin’ it out on the TTB approval would be quite the understatement! But, hey, they came through!

We are thankful that WSLCB has also granted us approval based on our TTB response, and we look forward to working along side them for many years to come.

Those are two big ones, but today, at Jellyfish Brewing, we are most thankful that the heart of the brewhouse began to beat for the very first time. The boiler is awakened. And with it comes the steam to heat the system. For us, steam equals production. And production equals beer. And beer equals a reason for thanks. And giving thanks on Thanksgiving equals turkey on the table. So this year we boil our turkey, because without the boiler there would be no turkey!


All of the aforementioned achievements are what we are thankful for within the walls of the brewery at Jellyfish. But more importantly, beyond our confines, we are blessed  to share our lives and our beer with great friends and family. And we benefit from a dedicated community of beer enthusiasts who inspire us to  to be our best.

Thankful indeed!

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