Afloat in the current of currency!

The smack pack took to the water last weekend, boarding a ferry that would set us on a course for our first outside sale ever. The Pourhouse in Port Townsend was kind enough to put us on their tap list, and for that we will forever be grateful!

Now, it may be less than typical for a small group from a brewery to sell a fine establishment their beer, and then belly up and purchase 2 rounds of the same suds, particularly when there are tanks full of the same beer back home. It might even seem pretentious. But this was our first sale! And this was one of the most exciting days for Jellyfish to date! So we sat and we drank and we held the glass up to the bright light shimmering off the cold water where our kindred jellyfish swim and we smiled broadly. And then we ordered more!

When Tom and Justin and Suzie and Jake were finished with the revelry, they wandered down the street to Strange Brewfest, where more beer was sold. This time the beer was different. It was Strange. We poured ‘Beer Salad’ and ‘Meat Mr. Mapples’ at the festival. ‘Beer Salad’, a dry & light French Saison infused with grilled lemons, arugula, cucumber, radish and basil was a hit. ‘Meat Mr. Mapples’ was a collaboration beer we did with our friends at Lowercase Brewing Company. At its root, it was a Scotch ale. But in collaboration we added roasted apples, maple syrup, thyme and sage. Post-collaboration, we took it a step further and added rendered bacon broth. We considered our offering to the festival to be brunch. All the flavors of a full brunch plate with a light, bright salad on the side.

Although the Olympic Peninsula, and Port Townsend specifically, are not our target market, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience during our first stage of sales! We can’t wait to be back!


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