Thanksgiving Undulation Locations!

We hope that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! And we hope that you were not trampled in a mall stampede on Black Friday! And we’re very hopeful that you were able to make great connections on Small Business Saturday! We have no idea what Sunday’s marketing team came up with, but we hope you had a good one! And now it’s Cyber Monday, and we’re very hopeful your laptop has a full charge!

And now we set our playlists to endlessly looping holiday tunes! Too soon?

Well, as the weekend festivities come to a close, we’re very thankful for all of these wonderful accounts that received deliveries from Jellyfish last week!

Marination 6th & Virginia – Smack IPA
Beveridge Place Pub – Smack IPA
Buckley’s Queen Anne – Smack IPA
Atlantic Crossing – Dark Times Winter Ale
Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course – Smack IPA
Star Brass Lounge – Planktonic Red
Witness – Planktonic Red
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Whisky Bar – Sour Suzie
The Lookout – Smack IPA
Cone & Steiner Pioneer Square – Smack IPA
The Old 5th Ave – Smack IPA
Comet Tavern – Planktonic Red

And we delivered to these wonderful folks from 11/13-11/19:

Hill City Tap House – Sour Suzie
Beveridge Place Pub – Smack IPA
Flip Flip Ding Ding – Planktonic Red
Barking Dog Alehouse – Planktonic Red
Open Square – Planktonic Red, Smack IPA & Saison Memoir
Kate’s Pub – Smack IPA
The Hop & Hound – Cerveza de los Muertos & Smack IPA
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Darrell’s Tavern – Smack IPA
Magnolia Village Pub – Smack IPA
Woodlands Pizza & Public House – Smack IPA

Have a great week!

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