The Jellyfish Wizard is in from the cold!

It was a fortuitous week, as he directed his bioluminescent lantern towards a slew of incandescent watering holes, lighting our deliveries through the dark and stormy streets.

For now, the Jellyfish Wizard must rest, and drink. It is upon you to check out these warm and wonderful joints!

Derby Restaurant – Planktonic Red
Serious Pie Downtown – Smack IPA
Flip Flip, Ding Ding – Planktonic Red
Kate’s Pub – Smack IPA
Beer Star – Sour Suzie 14 & Birra Chiara Barrel-fermented Blonde
The Collins Pub – Winter Fix IPA
Last Drop Bottle Shop – Hydra Pils
Draft Punk Seattle – Hydra Pils
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Duckisland Alehouse – Winter Fix IPA
Bookstore Bar & Cafe – Smack IPA
Pub at Piper’s Creek – Winter Fix IPA
@rockcreekseattle – Smack IPA
Seatown Seabar – Hydra Pils
74th St. Alehouse – Winter Fix
Marination – ma kai – Planktonic Red
Cone & Steiner Downtown – Smack IPA & Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
@canbarseattle – Hydra Pils
Beveridge Place Pub – Smack IPA
FlintCreek Cattle Co – Planktonic Red
Bake’s Place Bar & Bistro – Smack IPA
The Woodlands: Pizza & Public House – Smack IPA
Feed Co. Burgers Central – Winter Fix IPA & Sour Suzie 14
Ounces – Winter Fix IPA, Hydra Pils & Sour Suzie 14
Wakefield Bar – Hydra Pils
@ballardstationpublichouse – Hydra Pils
Super Six – Planktonic Red & Cerveza de los Muertos
The Lockspot Cafe – Planktonic Red
@bluemoonseattle – Hydra Pils
Darrell’s Tavern – Smack IPA
Skål Beer Hall – Winter Fix
Skillet Regrade – Smack IPA & Planktonic Red
Skillet Seattle Center – Smack IPA
Shultzy’s Bar & Grill – Winter Fix IPA
Pono Ranch – Smack IPA
Quality Athletics – Hydra Pils
@rightspotinfife – Smack IPA
The Comet Tavern – Planktonic Red & Sour Suzie 14
Lottie’s Lounge – Winter Fix IPA
Jules Maes – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter

Have a great week!

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