Yes, there was Quid Pro Quo! In exchange for these dynamic joints ordering beer from us, we delivered beer to them. It is definitely to our advantage to be working with these delightful people, but we hope they find some reciprocity in each and every pint served! Check them out!

Serious Pie Downtown – Smack IPA
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Rock Creek – Smack IPA
Derby Restaurant – Planktonic Red
Bookstore Bar & Cafe – Smack IPA
Buckley’s In Belltown – Smack IPA
Quality Athletics – Hydra Pils
Bake’s Place Bar & Bistro – Smack IPA
Lottie’s Lounge – T.M.IPA Fresh Hop
Flip Flip, Ding Ding – Planktonic Red
Kiki Ramen Seattle – Planktonic Red
Skillet Regrade – Smack IPA
The Lookout – Hydra Pils
TwoDoorsDown – Pinky Brewster Brut Saison
Twilight Exit – Mandatory Fun Fresh Hop Pale
Hopvine Pub – Pinky Brewster Brut Saison
Super Six – Planktonic Red & Pinky Brewster Brut Saison
Pono Ranch – Smack IPA & Planktonic Red
The Woodlands: Pizza & Public House – Smack IPA
Rider Seattle – Saison Memoir
The Sitting Room – Planktonic Red
Wong’s Kitchen and Bar – Smack IPA, Cannonball Oatmeal Porter & Hydra Pils
Yes Siam Thai Cafe & Bar – Smack IPA & Hydra Pils
The Comet Tavern – Planktonic Red
Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge – Sour Suzie 14
Triangle Spirits Fremont – Hydra Pils
Time Out Ale House And Grill – Smack IPA
Seatown Seabar – Hydra Pils
Kate’s Pub – Smack IPA

Have a great week folks!

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