New Release! Loads of Jellyfish deliveries!

We released Cerveza de los Muertos on Monday. Inspired by Pan de los Muertos, a sweet cornbread scented with orange zest & anise, which is traditionally served at Dia de los Muertos festivities, Cerveza is an English Strong Ale with Mexican chocolate, orange peel and anise seed. High test! Highly deceptive! Heightened flavor!

And we delivered to these High Class joints last week (10/16-10/22):

Local Boys Taproom – Tickle Monster Imperial Stout, Smack IPA, Planktonic Red, Saison Memoir
Pourhouse – Cerveza de los Muertos
Latona Pub – Medusa Octoberfest
Old 5th Ave Pub – Medusa Octoberfest
Flip Flip Ding Ding – Saison Memoir
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Marination Ma Kai – Smack IPA
Star Brass Lounge – Planktonic Red
Stout – Planktonic Red
Wedgwood Alehouse – Smack IPA
Woodlands Pizza – Smack IPA
The Lookout – Smack IPA
Dino’s Tomato Pie – Planktonic Red
West Wall Bar – Sour Suzie
Buckley’s Belltown – Smack IPA
Marination 6th & Virginia – Smack IPA
Kate’s Pub – Medusa Octoberfest
Witness – Planktonic Red
Kangaroo & Kiwi – Cerveza de los Muertos
Darrell’s Tavern – Smack IPA
Deluxe Bar & Grill – Sour Suzie
Dog & Pony Alehouse – Tickle Monster Imperial Stout

And we delivered from 10/9-10/15 to:

College Inn Pub – Medusa Octoberfest
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Flip Flip Ding Ding – Saison Memoir
Hill City Tap House – Sour Suzie
Kate’s Pub – Planktonic Red
Marination Ma Kai – Planktonic Red & Smack IPA
Super Six – Medusa Octoberfest & Saison Memoir
Hattie’s Hat – Planktonic Red
The Lookout – Saison Memoir
Citizen Bar – Planktonic Red
Dog House Bar & Grill – Planktonic Red

Have a great week!

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