Here at Jellyfish Brewing, we have a ‘glass half-full’ mindset. But these days, the sight-glass in the brewery is almost always completely full! Why? Because the following magnificent joints that we delivered to last week are keeping us very busy in the brewery! Much love!

College Inn Pub – Planktonic Red
Cooper’s Alehouse – Smack IPA
Cafe Solstice Capital Hill – Smack IPA
Quality Athletics – Smack IPA
Old 5th Ave Tavern – Smack IPA
Super Six – Planktonic Red
Hopvine Pub – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Bad Albert’s – Planktonic Red
The Comet Tavern – Sour Suzie
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Triple R Brewery Alley Tavern – Sour Suzie
Kate’s Pub – Smack IPA
Pioneer Square Saloon – Smack IPA
74th Street Ale House -Smack IPA
Red Cedar & Sage – Smack IPA
Marination Ma Kai – Planktonic Red
Last Drop Bottle Shop – Sour Suzie
Collins Pub – Sour Suzie, Hydra Pils & Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Jules Maes Saloon – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Ounces Taproom & Beer Garden – Hydra Pils
Hillside Bar – Smack IPA
Pono Ranch – Smack IPA
H2O Anacortes Brewing – Smack IPA
Ballard Station Public House – Planktonic Red
The Lookout Bar & Grill – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Mammoth – Hydra Pils
Blue Moon Tavern – Planktonic Red
Buckley’s in Belltown – Smack IPA
Meydenbauer Center – Smack IPA
Latona Pub – Hydra Pils
Right Spot in Fife – Smack IPA
Woodlands Pizza & Public House – Smack IPA
Witness – Planktonic Red
Skylark Cafe & Club – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
The Company Store – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Time Out Ale House – Smack IPA

Have a great week!

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