It only took 20 years!

Way back in the day, Mark Burr, one of the founders of Jellyfish Brewing had a dream. The dream manifested itself modestly. Word got out that, although untrained, Mark would cut hair for friends or acquaintances. It was a pretty good deal for the customer. The customer, let’s call him ‘Tommy Stevens’ (who might also be a founder of Jellyfish), would stop by Mark’s house. Mark would place a stool in the middle of the living room facing the television. ‘Tommy’ would sit on the stool and select the game he wanted to watch on TV, while Mark would make Manhattans. Upon returning with the Manhattans, Mark would adorn Tommy with a cape, and get to cutting. Word spread about this service, and pretty soon a small clientele was established.

Eventually, Mark Burr would brag about his million dollar idea. He was going to open The BarBurr Shop. Customers would come in, get their drink on, get their ‘dos done, all the while watching their favorite team on TV. But from now on the service wouldn’t be free. (It’s important to note…there were no mirrors involved in this enterprise).

It would’ve been a hit, except for the fact that all of the early patrons eventually realized they were getting exactly the same haircut. It was always shorter than they wanted when they arrived, and it was always styled exactly like Mark’s. Eventually, the shears were put away, and the dream was put to rest.

Until now! We just delivered to our first BarBurr Shop. Okay, it’s not The BarBurr Shop, it’s actually called Steele Barber, where they have very talented, trained stylists! There are countless reasons why Steele Barber is superior to the salon in Mark’s living room, but one commonality does exist. Patrons have the option of a fine beer or spirit with their service. Awesome!

You can also get a fine beverage of your choice at all of the other fantastic joints we delivered to last week:

Flip Flip Ding Ding – Planktonic Red
Flatstick Pub Pioneer Square – Planktonic Red
Beveridge Place Pub – Smack IPA
Atlantic Crossing – Planktonic Red
Kangaroo & Kiwi – Saison Memoir
Bad Albert’s Tap & Grill – Planktonic Red
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Quality Athletics – Smack IPA
Circa – Cannoball Oatmeal Porter
Star Brass Lounge – Planktonic Red
Pioneer Square Saloon – Smack IPA
King Street Bar & Oven – Smack IPA
Stone Way Cafe – Smack IPA & Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Woodland’s Pizza & Public House – Smack IPA
Super Six – Planktonic Red
Two Doors Down – Saison Memoir
Triple R Brewing Alley Tavern – Planktonic Red
The Lookout Bar & Grill – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Witness – Planktonic Red
Pourhouse Port Townsend – Planktonic Red & Sour Suzie
Lottie’s Lounge – Planktonic Red
The Company Store – Cannonball Oatmeal Porter
Steele Barber – Smack IPA
Marination Ma Kai – Planktonic Red
Blue Moon Tavern – Planktonic Red

Have a great week folks!

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