Undulations Locations!

Last week we enjoyed Bingo at Cooper’s Alehouse for Jellyfish Brewer’s Night. And we participated in Beer in the Barn at Thomas Family Farms under wild skies in Snohomish (photo credit to Suzie). It was a very cool event! And we delivered beer to a number of high caliber people at high caliber establishments! Following is a list of deliveries for the past couple weeks:

We delivered from Sept 24-Oct 1 to:

Frankie’s Enumclaw – Medusa Octoberfest
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Flip Flip Ding Ding – Saison Memoir
Cooper’s Alehouse – Smack IPA, Planktonic Red, Medusa Octoberfest, Sour Suzie & Tickle Monster Imperial Stout
Kate’s Pub – Planktonic Red
Downtown Spirits – Smack IPA & Medusa Octoberfest
Wedgwood Ale House – Planktonic Red
Pono Ranch – Smack IPA
Darrell’s Tavern – Smack IPA
Atlantic Crossing – Smack IPA
Mammoth – Medusa Octoberfest
Hillside Bar – Sour Suzie
Bad Albert’s – Smack IPA

We delivered from Sept 18-24 to:

Flight Path – Medusa Octoberfest
Cone and Steiner Pioneer Square – Smack IPA
Hilltop Ale House – Medusa Octoberfest
Marination Ma Kai – Planktonic Red
Buckley’s Belltown – Smack IPA
Chuck’s Hopshop Greenwood – Planktonic Red & Smack IPA
Buckley’s Queen Anne – Planktonic Red
Bar Sue – Smack IPA
Pit Stop Taproom & Pub – Medusa Octoberfest
Flip Flip Ding Ding – Saison Memoir
Ole 5th Ave – Smack IPA
74th St. Ale House – Medusa Octoberfest
Watershed Pub – Sour Suzie
Dino’s Tomato Pie – Planktonic Red
Atlantic Crossing – Smack IPA
Columbia City Ale House – Medusa Octoberfest
Ballard Station Public House – Sour Suzie & Smack IPA
Star Brass Lounge – Planktonic Red
Stout – Saison Memoir
The Comet Tavern – Planktonic Red
Super Six – Saison Memoir

Go ahead, have a beer! In a barn!

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