Jellyfish Habitat

The Brewery

We are fortunate to have found a home that offers enough space for a mid-sized brewery and pub. Of our 8,000 square feet, we have dedicated just over half to brewery operations and cold storage. The remaining space will be developed into a lively pub with kitchen.

We aim to produce enough beer to satisfy an equally robust wholesale campaign and pub demand. Ultimately, it is our goal to make tasting our beer as convenient for our patrons as possible.

Each day of production begins atop the deck of a 15 barrel, steam brewhouse. For fermentation and cold storage, we house one 30 barrel fermenter, four 15 barrel fermenters, one 30 barrel brite tank, and four 15 barrel brite tanks. When the pub is finished, we will supply our taps with suds from eight 7 barrel serving tanks, which will be located in the 40’ cold room behind the bar.

The Pub

When complete, the pub will feature 8-10 house beers, wine and cider on tap, and a modest combination of signature cocktails designed with collaboration from local craft distillers. The menu will feature smoked and cured meats and cheeses, freshly baked breads, a variety of pickled goods, and more.

The layout will be highlighted by a 30’ bar, and communal tables. During warmer months, patrons will be able to take in the arrivals and departures at boeing field while sitting outside in our framed patio. Families will always be welcome.

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