We are not alone!

It all started on a Friday night in Port Townsend during the last weekend of January in 2017. Strange Brewfest was the starting point for the festival gauntlet!

Between then and now, the Smack Pack has rocked Cask Fest, Cheese and Meat Festival, Taste Mt. Baker, Washington Brewer’s Festival, Seattle Magazine’s Red White & Brews, Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Tour, Elysian’s Search Party, Gorge Blues & Brews, Bremerton Summer Beer Festival, Tumwater Artesian Brewfest, Des Moines Blues & Brews, San Gennaro Festival of Seattle, Bacon Eggs & Kegs, and Federal Way Rhythm & Brews.

We still have a few big ones left on the calendar this year. We’re stoked for Fremont Oktoberfest this weekend! And we’re terribly excited for Beer in the Barn, Dogtoberfest, South Sound Brewfest, and the Winter Beer Festival!

Festivals are great! They present the incredible opportunity for the Smack Pack at Jellyfish Brewing to connect with the amazing beer enthusiasts throughout the state that attend these great events. And they’ve given us the golden opportunity to begin establishing our brand while we continue to wait on permits for the build out of our pub.

But as the festival circuit begins to wind down this year, we find ourselves reflecting on one thing: We are not alone! We are not the only brewery attending every event that we can haul our monster jockey box to and from. Each weekend we look down the row of tables, below the tents that we’re setting up under, and we see the same bleary-eyed participating brewery representatives. It’s not always the same folks, but the consistency of effort is undeniable. They’re all Festival Warriors, just like us! They’re great people with a passion for great beer!

Today we raise our tasting glasses to all of the event organizers, volunteers, and patrons for making this year so much fun! And everyday we raise our pint glasses to our fellow Festival Warriors! Well done people!

See you all in Port Townsend during the last weekend of January for Strange Brewfest, when we start lap number 2!


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