Apparently, slow and steady wins the race. Or so we’ve been told.

During the course of a build out, at any given time, your mood pendulum can swing from euphoric to distraught in a matter of minutes. Or at least that has been our experience.

The extreme drama factor usually has it’s roots buried deeply in the loose soil known as a project timeline. I’m not sure about other locations across the country, but in Seattle, folks in the construction business are really busy. I mean REALLY busy. And what that has meant for a modest brewery that is trying to achieve production goals, goals which can only be attained if you’re actually in production, is understanding there are factors outside of your control, and that project timelines, however well intended, are a myth.

Our ‘come to Jesus’ moment happened a couple months ago. It was aimed at me (Tom is usually more relaxed and understanding about this kind of stuff than I am). Our General Contractor sat us down and kindly explained that we needed to ‘chill out’. He convinced us that no matter how much we wanted our build out to be on our schedule, ‘it just doesn’t work like that’. He also explained that we have a modicum of control over the order at which each portion of the build out can proceed. In other words, we can have the trenches for drains cut and dug out before the epoxy coating for the brewery floor is applied. We most definitely have control over the order. It’s just the timing between the two tasks could vary significantly, from one day to one week to who knows.

This blog is not intended to paint the contractors and their employees in any kind of negative light. In fact, we have been continually impressed with the work that has been done at Jellyfish Brewing. On a regular basis we find ourselves bragging about this guy or that company, and how they didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. We’ve seen consistent, top quality professionalism time and time again. We just want them all to be on our schedule, and based on the booming construction culture in Seattle, that is simply not going to happen. It’s cool now.

Although the mood pendulum still swings, the length of its arc has shortened. And regardless of how eager we are to get to brewing, we’ve chilled. For today, we are incredibly grateful that our electrician is killing it, our gas pipe fitters have ¬†finished installation and inspection will take place tomorrow, the folks working on the boiler install are here getting a solid first push, and the glycol lines are hanging on the wall!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but today is a great day! No chill pills necessary!

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