Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


For some interested inhabitants, it might have been hard to look beyond the cramped warehouse, filled with shelves and stairs and swinging light fixtures. So much wood and wire could have been a deterrent for any number of folks looking to transform this cavern into their dream locale. But for Jellyfish, this storage facility, which was pieced together with nearly one million nails and screws, was the most beautiful space of them all!

It took nearly a month to disassemble the multi-tiered holding facility, and even longer to salvage each piece of lumber by separating sistered two by fours, two by sixes, four by fours, sometimes all of them glued and screwed together. But we did, and now we have materials for the remainder of our build out. We are fortunate! Some of the wood will be used for framing, and some of it will be used for finishes, and even more will be used for furnishings, and all of it, in the end, will be salvaged somehow.

We’ll break it all down, and then we will build it all back up!



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