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Festival Warriors!

We are not alone! It all started on a Friday night in Port Townsend during the last weekend of January in 2017. Strange Brewfest was the starting point for the festival gauntlet! Between then and now, the Smack Pack has rocked Cask Fest, Cheese and Meat Festival,...

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Afloat in the current of currency! The smack pack took to the water last weekend, boarding a ferry that would set us on a course for our first outside sale ever. The Pourhouse in Port Townsend was kind enough to put us on their tap list, and for that we will forever...

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We prefer our turkey boiled! As Thanksgiving approaches, and visions of mouthwatering delights are viscerally swimming through our consciousness, we pause to reflect on the many fortunes for which we are thankful! We are thankful that we received federal approval...

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Chill Out!

Apparently, slow and steady wins the race. Or so we've been told. During the course of a build out, at any given time, your mood pendulum can swing from euphoric to distraught in a matter of minutes. Or at least that has been our experience. The extreme drama factor...

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Trench Warfare!

Twenty-six thousand pounds! When you take on a project like building out a brewery, and you decide your team (of two) is going to mitigate as much of the build out cost as possible by performing as much of the labor as possible, you learn a few things. Most...

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